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Dental implants are designed to work like natural teeth, which means they can be damaged like natural teeth. The “root” or post can become loose, and the “tooth” or crown can be broken, requiring repairs or restorations. Our experienced implant dentist, Dr. Arjun Parikh, at Johns Creek Dental Studio, offers dental implant restorations and repair at our dental center in Alpharetta. GA.

Dental implants can last for decades. Many people have their dental implants for the rest of their life when they keep them maintained. Like natural teeth, implants need cleaning and regular exams to ensure they are in good health. In rare cases, there are dental implants that fail or need to be replaced. If the titanium post does not adhere to the bone in the jaw or there is bone loss, the implant could become loose or fall out.

Dr. Parikh has years of experience placing, restoring and repairing dental implants. If an implant needs complete restoration, he will determine the best steps to remove the old implant and place a new one. Some patients may require bone grafting or other procedures to ensure the new implant restoration is successful.

Implant Repairs

Other implant repairs involve the abutment or crown. Single dental implants usually have a porcelain or ceramic crown the creates the visible tooth restoration. Crowns can crack, chip or break like natural teeth and may need to be repaired or replaced. If the abutment is damaged, it can also be replaced. If you have damage to any part of your dental implant, Dr. Parikh can perform an implant repair at our dental center in Alpharetta.

Dental implants should be inspected at least once a year for any damage. Since implants do not have nerve roots, you may not know there is a problem until you have a dental checkup. It is important to protect your investment in your smile with regular exams to inspect your implants and make repairs when needed for maintenance.

If you need dental implant restorations or repairs in Alpharetta, GA, come see us at Johns Creek Dental Studio. Contact our office to schedule an implant exam.

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Deon M.

One of the best cleanings I’ve had. The dentist was cool, careful, and modern. I haven’t been to the dentist in a while yet they took good care of me. I would highly recommend people to come here.

Joe G.

Dr. Arjun Parikh was very knowledgeable and walked me through every procedure he was performing. Makes patients feel very comfortable, highly recommended.

Bella G.

I was referred by a friend and came to get a teeth cleaning. I had a great experience and Dr. Parikh was very nice. Definitely would recommended friends and family!

Angaat P.

Very efficient and friendly service! The staff made me feel comfortable and at ease! Would undoubtedly recommend this office to my closest family and friends.

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