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How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned? Alpharetta, GA
Teeth Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings are typically recommended twice per year (or every six months). This schedule is often all that is needed to keep a healthy mouth if you brush and floss regularly on your own. Six months is the approximate time frame that even the best oral care patients will develop hardened plaque or tartar buildup. Only a cleaning from your dentist can remove this harmful substance before it causes problems.

Biannual dental cleanings are enough for most patients – but not all patients. Some people need cleanings more often, including those that have the following:

  • Braces
  • Heavy tooth stain
  • High risk of dental problems
  • Moderate plaque buildup

By scheduling a teeth cleaning on your own terms – even if it’s every 3-4 months – you can enjoy a healthier mouth and fresher breath. A professional cleaning will lift away soft bacteria, calcified tartar and stains. Since most patients are not dental experts with professional tools at home, it’s common for us to miss areas here and there when we brush and floss on our own. A cleaning from you dentist, however, can give you a fresh, clean start and prevent costly dental problems from developing.

Do you love the feeling of a freshly polished smile? Even if you don’t necessarily qualify for or need more frequent cleanings, you can still schedule them for your own personal satisfaction and comfort. It is not uncommon for patients to schedule a teeth cleaning with us before a first date, job interview or other big event. A clean mouth is a confident mouth!

Call today to schedule your routine dental cleaning at Johns Creek Dental Studio. We can take care of your entire family.

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Deon M.

One of the best cleanings I’ve had. The dentist was cool, careful, and modern. I haven’t been to the dentist in a while yet they took good care of me. I would highly recommend people to come here.

Joe G.

Dr. Arjun Parikh was very knowledgeable and walked me through every procedure he was performing. Makes patients feel very comfortable, highly recommended.

Bella G.

I was referred by a friend and came to get a teeth cleaning. I had a great experience and Dr. Parikh was very nice. Definitely would recommended friends and family!

Angaat P.

Very efficient and friendly service! The staff made me feel comfortable and at ease! Would undoubtedly recommend this office to my closest family and friends.

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