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5 Benefits of Dental Implants Alpharetta, GA
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A missing tooth can change your smile and your oral health. Most people will lose at least one tooth by the time they are 50 years of age; and 120 million people in the U.S. have at least one missing tooth. When you lose a tooth, the dynamics of your mouth changes. Other teeth can shift, bone loss can occur and there is risk of issues like gum disease. Dental implants are a permanent solution to replace missing teeth. Here are five benefits of dental implants and why they may be the best option for restoring your complete smile.

1. Natural Appearance
The most natural-appearing option for tooth replacement is a dental implant. The implant is designed to function and look like a natural tooth. The post is the “root” of the tooth, which is topped with an abutment that attaches to the tooth restoration, usually a dental crown. The new prosthetic tooth looks the same or better than the tooth it replaces.

2. Strength and Function
Unlike dental bridges or dentures, dental implants are attached to the jaw bone like natural teeth. This means more chewing power and better function than other types of dental restorations. The implant stays in place and works like a natural tooth.

3. Simple Maintenance
Dental implants are cared for just like natural teeth. You brush them daily and have routine cleanings and checkups. There are no extra steps like with dentures that need to be soaked and cleaned differently than natural teeth.

4. Durability and Lifespan
Dental implants can last for decades – many people enjoy their dental implants for the rest of their life. When you invest in dental implants, you are getting a restoration that can be functional for many, many years.

5. Improved Oral Health
Dental implants are unique among dental restorations due to their impact on oral health. The implant can stimulate bone growth to prevent bone loss in the jaw – dentures and dental bridges do not offer this benefit. The placement of an implant can help keep other teeth from shifting and lower your risk of gum disease.

There are many wonderful benefits when you choose dental implants for your tooth restoration. If you want to explore your options for tooth replacement, come see us at Johns Creek Dental Studio. We offer advanced options in dental implants at our dental facility in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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Sam S.

The staff is so incredible here! They got me the care I needed very quickly, and they answered all my questions about my procedure and aftercare. They also showed me pictures of my teeth, so I could have visuals to know exactly what concerns they were talking about before my procedure. 10/10 will be back for all my dental needs!

Milan P.

This is hands down the best dentist I have ever been too. I can’t express how grateful I am with all the staff and Dr. Parikh. Dr. Parikh and the treatment coordinator, whose name is also Milan(!!) always took the time to explain all the treatment I needed. I will most definitely return and recommend this office to all of my friends and family!

Christina N.

I had to have a root canal and deep cleaning, all the doctor's and staff are so kind and patient with me. I do suffer a little anxiety going to the dentist and being 67 years of age I have had my share of different dentist. But I must say they are the best. Makes me wonder about the service i have been getting over the years from other dentist

Elizabeth D.

Very nice staff and Dr. Parikh was great. Explained everything thoroughly to me. Dentists visits are never comfortable but Dr. Parikh did his best work and told me to let him know if I needed to pause. Would go back regularly if I weren’t temporarily living here!

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