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3 Signs You May Have Gum Disease Alpharetta, GA
3 Signs You May Have Gum Disease

Gum disease, medically termed gingivitis, is a serious condition. If left untreated, it can actually cause your gums to be unable to hold your teeth in place and could lead to tooth loss. Unfortunately, there is no way to correct the damage that gum disease has caused. As such, it is best to not let it progress to a point where damage is done.

Being aware of what causes gum disease may help you to know when you should visit a dentist. A dentist can help you treat the condition before serious damage is done. Here are a few of the signs that you may have gum disease.

Gum Disease: 3 Signs To Be Aware Of

Your Gums are Red, Puffy, or Swollen

One of the first signs you may experience if you have gum disease is gums that begin to turn red, get a bit puffy, or begin to swell. Unfortunately, there is no standard color for gums or appearance. Some people may naturally have darker, pinker, or redder gums than someone else.

This is a sign that is hard for dentists to see. However, you should be aware of what your normal gum color and appearance is and when things begin to change. When you notice these changes taking place, you will want to bring it to the attention of your dentist so they can document the changes and begin you on a treatment course for the early stages of gum disease.

Your Gums are Bleeding
Odds are, you have experienced bleeding gums at some point in time. You may have brushed too hard or gotten a little vigorous when flossing. An isolated incidence of your gums bleeding is nothing to fret over. You simply want to be careful the next time you brush or floss.

However, if you notice some pink in the sink after brushing or flossing routinely, you want to bring this to the attention of your doctor. The bleeding is often caused by irritation, which is a tell-tale sign of gum disease. Unfortunately, if left untreated, the bleeding may get worse as well. As such, you want to correct and treat the problem.

Your Gums Are Receding
The last sign of gum disease is receding gums. If you notice or experience this symptom, you have advanced gum disease. When gum disease is left untreated, it begins to kill your gum tissue, which is what causes the receding to occur. This leaves more of your teeth exposed and fewer gums holding them in place.

Eventually, the gums will erode away, leaving nothing holding your teeth in place, and they can fall out. Dentists are beginning to check for gum recession during normal appointments.

Technological advancements have made it easy to determine the length of a person’s gum tissue and see how much, if any, is lost from one appointment to the next.

If you are showing signs of gum disease, you will want to schedule an appointment with your dentist. They can offer you treatment options to correct the problem, as well as monitor your symptoms to ensure the condition is improving.

If you are showing these signs, contact Johns Creek Dental Studio for help!

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